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Life List

So, this is an experiment that I stole from the wonderful Maggie Mason.  She has created a list of 100 things she wants to do before she dies.  I read through her (pretty nifty) list and decided that I needed to make one myself.  I like how there’s something definitive about a list, and I’m always motivated to do things on them because I get a thrill out of checking items off.

If you’re interested in why I’ve chosen the things I’ve chosen, visit my blog posts.  This is just a short list that I can check things off of in a more reasonable manner.

1.  Dive 10 different locations

2. Make a couture prom dress for a young girl who wouldn’t otherwise be able to go to the prom

3.  Learn to make couture clothing

4. Be in the chorus of a community theatre production of Hairspray

5.  Create an original piece of art and hang it up in the house

6.  Take a year’s worth of ballroom dancing lessons…

7.  and then compete in a beginner’s competition.

8.  Visit every state in the United States.

9.  Own a competition dog

10.  Read the Bible cover to cover

11.  Make a bouquet of fresh flowers once a week for a whole year

12.  Finish editing our wedding pictures and print books for my loved ones

13.  Continue to diligently tithe 10% of my income

14.  Publish an article in a nationally syndicated magazine

15.  Get a massage

16.  Throw a tomato at the stage of the Globe theatre

17. Get in the habit of giving truly thoughtful gifts

18.  Horseback ride through 4 national parks

19.  Learn photography

20.  Visit all of the places that John and I have been separately together

21.  Wear a big hat to the Kentucky Derby

22.  Dig for diamonds in Murfreesboro

23.  Take a gondola ride in Venice

24.  Ride down a natural waterfall…again

25.  Own land

26.  Become bilingual in Spanish

27.  Write a novel…

28.  …and have it published.

29.  Earn my MA in English

30.  Learn a trademark 3 course meal that I can whip out for guests

31.  Write and illustrate a comic series or graphic novel

32.  Watch the sun set over the Mediterranean Sea

33.  Forgive those whom I hold grudges against

34. See the Roman Colosseum

35.  Publish an academic article

36.  Own two horses

37.  Read every book on that BBC list

38.  Become proficient at CS4 (or 5, or 6, or whatever)

39.  Attend Courtney and Joel’s college graduation ceremonies

40.  Learn how to ride a motorcycle

41.  Get my allergies under control

42.  Take John to Yellowstone

43.  Lead a small group Bible Study…from my own notes

44.  Talk to my grandparents more

45.  Dance on the bar at Coyote Ugly

47.  Make more of an effort to take care of myself

48.  Do more to take care of my mother

49.  Fly a kite on the lawn of the National Mall

50.  Take Lindsey geocaching

51.  Document my life experiences with pictures

52.  Grow a garden

53.  Visit the Mayan city of Coba during the Serpent Ceremony

54.  Tango in Madrid

55.  Dress like a hick and attend a NASCAR race

56.  Take John to a demolition derby

57.  Take a picture of me “licking” the Eiffel Tower

58.  Attempt snowboarding ONCE

59.  Have a neat, well-decorated home

60.  Find 100 geocaches

61.  Throw a dinner party.

63.  See Courtney perform in a college play.

64.  Go to New York and watch a Broadway play

65.  Own ten signed books

66.  Read all of Entertainment Weekly’s new classics

67.  Pick a pumpkin from a pumpkin patch

68.  Enter a craft/food/textile in the County Fair

69.  Learn how to make tempura shrimp

70.  Go parasailing

71.  Look studious in Oxford and Cambridge

72.  Watch an Olympic event live, in person!

73.  Watch the University of Arkansas compete for a National Championship in any sport (though football or basketball, preferably)

74.  Plan a vacation on Monday and go somewhere fabulous on Friday

75.  Learn to play bass guitar

76.  Retire with a million dollars

77.  Wear an expensive, gorgeous gown to the Addys

78.  Participate in an election campaign

79.  Buy nothing but organic/eco-friendly for a month

80.  Institute five “green” changes in my life

81.  Plan and host a large reunion with my closest friends

82.  Watch AFI’s 100 Years, 100 Movies list

83.  Have a stand at a Farmer’s Market

84. Hula in Hawaii…

85.  Attend a writer’s conference

86.  Get involved in a home church

87.  Ride a waterski

88.  Horseback ride in Ireland

89.  Learn to identify the native trees of Arkansas.

90.  Take an art class with John.

91.  Own a sports car

92.  Swim with whale sharks in the wild

93.  Be part of a choreographed flash mob

94.  Attend the Chincoteague pony swim

95.  Learn to decorate cakes a la Rick’s Bakery

96. Make 100 lovely things

97. Get in the habit of writing thank you notes…

98. …and write notes to everyone who has shaped me into the person I am today.

99.  Learn calligraphy

100.  Learn to pick locks

101.  Heckle orcas during a whale-watching tour


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