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What the Crap, BP?! May 26, 2010

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OH MY GOD.  It has been umpteen thousand million days since this whole fiasco started (read: over a month), and still no solution.  An article in USAToday says that BP is trying a “top kill” method of plugging the spill that works on aboveground leaks, but it has never been tried underwater.  Their estimate for success?  Somewhere between 60% and 70%.  I don’t know about you, but those are unacceptable grades for a math test, much less the last desperate idea to stop ecological travesty.

Let me just get this out of the way before I continue on:  SCREW YOU, BP.

First, get a sense of the size of this spill.  One of John’s coworkers mocked up these images yesterday, and it really puts things in perspective, though you’ll need to click through to see the full size image:

Here's an outline of the spill in the gulf. It's already big, right?

Here's what the spill would look like on land in Northwest Arkansas

I feel awful that people died in this catastrophe, but their deaths are far outweighed by the outrageous awfulness that is this oil spill.  Scientists estimate that 7 million gallons of oil have already leaked–oh, excuse me, GUSHED–into the Gulf, and if this last minute attempt at plugging the hole doesn’t work, there will be “significant down time” before another alternative can be implemented.  That’s compounded by the fact that scientists say the oil plume is actually getting darker, which implies that the oil coming out is more polluted and even more dangerous.  The dispersants that BP originally used to try and break up the oil are just as flawed; now there are giant plumes of oil floating willy-nilly in the water column.

The water is so toxic that they won’t let divers go in with ANY SKIN EXPOSED.

What really pisses me off is that this whole disaster could have been avoided if the platform had redundant shut-off valves.  When oil companies–including BP–were approached about this by regulatory committees, they pooh-poohed it off as overly expensive and unnecessary.  Now BP is facing a piddling $4300 dollar per barrel fine (which, by my estimates, totals somewhere near $30 billion dollars in addition to clean-up costs.  Lots of people are wagging their fingers at BP, but we should also be looking at Deepwater Horizon (which owned the rig) and Halliburton (which set the lines).  Even more so, we should be glaring down a gunsight at OSHA, which is in charge of inspecting and regulating off-shore drilling rigs.

This should make Obama’s push to open new offshore drilling sites even more infuriating that it was when he backed out of his campaign promise to stop the expansion of such drilling sites.  This wasn’t an old announcement, either–this hit the wire a mere three weeks before BP blew the Gulf of Mexico all to heck.  Don’t read this as an indictment of the Obama administration, because I know full well that McCain would have done the same thing. Consider this an indictment of the American political system that has been sleeping with Big Oil for the past century.

People are screaming at the government to get involved in this process, but that’s not feasible, either.  What is the government going to do that BP isn’t’ already doing?  Obama has assembled a team of scientists to deal with this issue, but they’re going to need as much time as BP is to get in there and fix this thing.  Not only that, but why waste taxpayer dollars on this when you can run a company into the ground instead?  I really think that BP is trying to do everything they can to stop this leak to save the company itself.  Any more of this and they’re going to go under: hook, line, and sinker.  In an effort at self-preservation they’re going to do anything they can to get this mess cleaned up.  The government would be no faster, more efficient, or better.  The only thing it could do is get more manpower on the scene, but with 21,000 BP employees already on the ground and countless American scientists and volunteers, how many more people do you need right now?

The real tragedy here is that it doesn’t matter what we do now.  Even if we plugged the spill today, we cannot feasibly undo the damage to the gulf.  The ecosystem will take decades to recover, but with the current state of affairs–global warming, oceanic acidity, pollution, et. al–it may never, ever recover.  EVER.  All of the regulation, restrictions, and nay-saying that will come in the next few months isn’t going to fix anything.  It may prevent another spill of this magnitude, but it’s not going to help out the Gulf Coast now.

I hope you all are PISSED OFF at the lack of planning, initiative, and competency evidenced by everyone involved in the offshore oil drilling industry. I sure am.

Wherein I Refuse to Recognize Arizona as a State April 30, 2010

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Have you people seen this?  Today, the Arizona legislature passed a bill that would require police officers to ask for documentation if they suspect you are illegal, and it makes being in the United States illegally a state crime.  Additionally, it invests citizens with an inordinate amount of power

Other provisions [in the bill] allow citizen lawsuits against government agencies that hinder enforcement of immigration laws, and make it illegal for people to hire illegal immigrants for day labor or knowingly transport them.

Holy God, Arizona.  Have you lost your ever-lovin’ minds?

The issue of illegal immigration is a conflicted subject for me.  On the one hand, it’s illegal to come into this country without proper documentation for various reasons.  First, and foremost, is the effort to keep out the riff-raff, like criminals who are trying to evade charges in their own countries.  I get that.  I don’t want murderers waltzing into the United States for safety.  Then there’s that whole thing about taxation and job loss, not to mention the vaccination scare.  In El Paso I had to get all sorts of additional vaccines because–obviously–I would be coming into contact with people who would not be inoculated.  So yeah, I get that you need papers for a reason.  On a personal level, my family was able to come into the country legally, so I think that everyone else should do it the right way, too.  Elitist?  Maybe.  Honest?  Yes.

On the other hand, have you seen what daily life is like in Mexico?  I can’t blame anyone for wanting a better life than that.  The problem is that trying to get entrance into the United States is incredibly difficult.  The tests you have to take are in English, and this predicates two things: that you know how to read and write English, and that you know all about the history of the U.S.  I mean, the last isn’t so hard, right?  Oh wait, except that the poor who are running the border haven’t had any education to speak of.  The tests themselves create a barrier that keep out the people who want to come in.

But all of this is sort of beside the point.  The fact is that there are illegal immigrants in the United States, and under current immigration law, they should be arrested and deported.

In theory, Arizona’s law seems like a good idea.  The only real way to catch illegal immigrants is to figure out that they’re illegal, and unless they have contact with the police or a health care professional, that’s awfully hard.  The issue with Arizona’s law is really very small, really…nothing more than BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS.

Case in point: this morning on Good Morning America, political pundit Lou Dobbs was defending the Arizona bill.  When asked what an illegal immigrant looked like, this was his response: “Well, an illegal immigrant looks like someone with no legal documentation.”  (This is a paraphrase, but you can see the full video on the GMA website).  HOW do you know someone has no legal documentation, exactly?  Do those people have flatter pockets than others?  Perhaps your left eye turns green when you don’t have your license on you?  No.  People with no documentation look like poor, dirty, uneducated MEXICANS who have poor English skills.

This is racial profiling at its best.  All of you guys who might look like Mexicans better watch out–I’m talking to you, Native Americans.  Oh, and you Middle Easterners better wear headgear or burkhas or whatever to distinguish yourselves (and so you can be discriminated against in a completely different way.  Lucky you).  Even more terrifying is the power that the bill invests in the citizenry.  Under the bill, citizens can make “citizen arrests” of illegals.  Except…wait!  How will they know who is illegal?  The same way Lou Dobbs does, obviously.  I can’t wait for all of those “wrongful arrest” lawsuits to start piling up.

This law is terrifying, and it scares me that there are people in legislatures that think that this kind of categorization and violation is in any way justified.  I sincerely hope that one day they feel persecuted for something out of their control, and made to feel like an outcast in their own country.  May THEY be afraid to look underprivileged, have a certain color skin, or speak with a specific accent.

In conclusion: screw you, Arizona.

EDIT:  I just found this addendum to the Arizona bill:
“HB2281 states that any course, class, instruction, or material may not be primarily designed for pupils of particular ethnic group as determined by the state superintendent of instruction. State aid will be withheld from any school district or charter school that does not comply.”
This directly attacks Chicano studies programs.  Ummmm.  Really?  I’d like to see that bill get passed about African-American heritage classes.  This place would burn there would be so much outrage.  I dare you to tell me this isn’t racial profiling.

A Few Thoughts on the Health Care Bill March 22, 2010

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I’ll just come out and say it:  I’m unhappy that the House passed Obama’s health care reform.

I’m not, however, unhappy for the typical conservative reasons.  I’m glad that the abortion clause was taken out, but it wouldn’t have been a deal-killer for me.  I’m actually glad that it will require all Americans to have health insurance, and that it is going to provide an affordable option for that.  Let’s be completely honest with one another–uninsured Americans cost the health care industry billions every year.  That cost has to be redistributed across insurance payers, other procedures, etc.  This will, ultimately, be a good thing, if not screw over illegal immigrants.  Does it rankle me that people will have no option in this matter?  Sort of, but the ultimate point of the matter is this:  most people who don’t have insurance in this country don’t have it because they can’t afford it.  Those who still don’t want it aren’t the rich who can pay for their own medical treatment but the POOR who don’t want to pay for it at ALL.

It’s not that I’m not for health care reform.  I am.  There are plenty of people in my life who struggle with their health and can barely afford treatement.  Some examples:

1.  A good friend of mine’s father has recently been diagnosed with chronic leukemia.  He’s the sole breadwinner for the family, and although he’s a University employee, his health insurance won’t cover enough of the cost for sustained chemotherapy and radiation.  He cannot afford treatment; instead, he and his family have turned to alternative therapies to treat the disease.

2.  My pastor and his wife both have preexisting conditions that keep them from switching insurance providers.  Right now they pay 35% of their income after taxes to keep their insurance.  Though they could get a bit of a break by changing companies, that would mean that they wouldn’t be covered for any of their preexisting conditions for a year–tough, considering one of them suffers migraines.  My pastor is looking for a second job in order to keep his health insurance.

3.  John and I have a close friend whose nephew was recently diagnosed with cancer.  Because the boy’s family doesn’t have health insurance, he wasn’t diagnosed until January even though he had been having fairly severe symptoms since September.  Once he was diagnosed, the family struggled to find charity care at a hospital because they couldn’t afford treatment.  He died last week.  (To be fair, there’s a lot more to this story besides health care reform and insurance, but it still made a difference).

I love these people.  I want them to have everything they need to make their lives comfortable.  However, I think we are going to pay an awful lot of money for a health care band-aid, not reform.  This bill is not transformative enough.  I also think this is just not the right time to pass the bill.

Let me start with that last bit first.  Look, guys.  We’ve just paid out BILLIONS in bail-out money.  BILLIONS.  The economy is in a hole.  Unemployment in this country is at an all-time high.  As of yet, I have heard of no compelling plan of action for actually PAYING for this bill.  Instead, it inflates the deficit without any thoughts of reducing it.  I don’t understand why this bill couldn’t have waited another year for the economy to stabilize a little more in order to support such continued, sustained, massive spending.

I also think that this bill has been pounded through Congress with little thought to actual health care reform.  The one issue that is critical to reducing health care costs substantially has been little addressed: tort reform.  Right now, doctors run tons of unnecessary tests in order to avoid lawsuits.  The amount hospitals and doctors pay in malpractice insurance is incredibly high, and doctors that lose malpractice suits often find themselves jobless.  They become a risk that clinics and hospitals no longer want to assume.  Though I think it’s important that we keep doctors accountable for their actions, we’ve become sue-happy, which drives up costs.  But tort reform is unpopular.  Lobbying groups pretty much kept that discussion from happening.  Secondly, we need to streamline our healthcare system.  It’s SO SLOW.  However, this is going to require automating a lot of processes and eliminating jobs–also unpopular.

Anyway, I”ll be interested to see how all of this unfolds, but I’m not optimistic about its long-term feasibility.

Update on Offensive Facebook Status Updates December 7, 2009

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I’ve written three papers in six days.   Yes, you heard me.  My entire weekend was devoted to researching and writing two, and I have one more (as yet unstarted) that’s due on Wednesday.  Basically, by brain is slowly liquefying in its own literary juices.

So, for FIVE MINUTES, I hop on facebook to unwind and revel in other people’s finals week stress.  Do you want to know what the first thing on my status feed was?  DO YOU?

Anonymous Poster is I listened to her scream for about 7 minutes while she searched around for the shield. I continued to pinch my nipple, so it would protrude, and she finally did it! I got her to nurse on both sides without the shield… Now, it took A LOT longer than normal. We’ll see how it goes in the middle of the night :o)

I. Am. Not. Kidding.  I have no idea what a shield is (and I’m way too afraid to google it for all the ta-tas I know I’ll see), nor do I care.  Nipple pinching?  ON FACEBOOK?  Totally inappropriate.  Good Lord.  If you want to talk about the challenges of motherhood, there are PLENTY more avenues to use–your own personal mommy-blog, private notes on Facebook, the telephone. Just…please.  Spare the rest of us (who, again, don’t care) the gory details.

I’m Loathin’: The Grossest Post Ever June 3, 2009

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So, I figure since I’ve already revealed myself to be a terrible, AWFUL person on this blog (read: hating the homeless), there’s no need to hold back.  I have a confession to make: I cannot handle skin conditions.  For those of you who know me, you know I’m no prima donna.  Getting muddy and dirty is no problem for me; I’ve worked on a ranch before, so I can deal with various kinds of poop without flinching.  I’m rough and tumble, and with the exception of vampires, I don’t scare easily.  However, one look at someone who has a skin condition and I’m done.  I mean, mild acne is okay, but excema?  Rashes?  Psoriasis?  Absolutely EFFING not.  Had John had a skin thing, I wouldn’t have married him.  That’s how much they gross me out.

I can’t tell you where this dislike came from.  There was no huge event in my life that turned me off from people with skin issues.  However, should I ever have a rash, my life might as well be over.  A few years ago I had a pin rash from an allergy to latex I was unaware of, and for THREE WEEKS I cried myself to sleep every night. I was pretty sure I was going to die and/or I would be hideous forever. I cried sporadically even after the rash was completely gone, for goodness sake.

This fear of having skin things myself has heightened my awareness of skin things on other people.  If someone has a suspicious looking spot, I make sure to point it out and urge them to get checked.  If there’s someone shopping at a store and they have some issue, I will go out of my way to stay away from them.  I’m sure all of these people are extremely nice, and I know they have no control over what is eating their skin or whatever, but looking at these “conditions” turns my stomach.  I start to feel nauseous, I get cold sweats, and I just have to leave.

Anyway, this back story is only relevant so that I can tell you about what a TERRIBLE day I had yesterday in regard to this almost-phobia.  It all began with Subway.  I stopped in to grab a sandwich on the cheap, and I happened to notice that the lady working the Subway counter had something weird going on with her face.  It looked like she had some subdermal cysts or something; I was trying not to stare while I decided whether I could stand for her to make my sandwich or not.  They weren’t oozing or anything, so I figured I was okay (the plastic gloves didn’t hurt my confidence either).  I made it through the line okay and even ate my sandwich!  The whole thing sort of made my skin crawl, but I was doing okay.

It was Target that killed me.  My sister had bought me some flip flops for my birthday, but they were the wrong size.  I was still feeling a little funny after the Subway thing, but I was regaining my composure.  Anyway, I got in the exchange line and stood for a while, paying no attention to the people behind the counter.

“Next,” said the female cashier.  I walked over, looked up at her, and I’m sure I paled out.  On her face–ON HER FACE, RIGHT ON HER CHIN–was the biggest wart I have ever in my life seen.  It looked just like a stump sticking out of her face.  It had TEXTURE for Chrissake.

I swear to God, no exaggeration.

I swear to God, no exaggeration.

I struggled to get through the exchange.  When she touched my drivers license, I thought I was going to die.  I had to force myself to take it back from her and put it in my wallet sans wretching.  I finished my exchange was quickly as was physically possible, and ran to switch out my flip flops.  At this point, I had already reached panic stage.  Did I already have wart germs on my hands?  How will I get these wart germs off?  Is it too ridiculous to kill myself for getting a wart?

I changed the shoes as fast as I could, and went in search of Purell.  I had to resist buying the biggest bottle they had and taking a bath in it; I settled for some convenient wipes.  I rushed through the checkout, and tore into the Purell before I had even left the store.  Within minutes, I had disinfected myself all the way up to my elbows, and covered my purse, wallet, drivers license, and debit card.  Only then could I convince myself that I was okay and continue on with my day.

I know, I know.  How dumb, right?  How superficial of me.  Trust me, I’ve tried to change it, I really have.  I just can’t.  There’s too much icky involved for me.  That’s not to say that I won’t love each and every one of you should you develop leprosy.  It just means that I’ll have to keep a trash can near my chair in case I vomit.

I’m Loathin’: The Sound of Music May 2, 2009

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I watched The Sound of Music last night (because I was outvoted).  I now remember why I loathe and despise it.  Ugh.  Music’s livable, but the plot doesn’t cohere.  ICKY.

I must now go watch The Producers in order to wash the foul, acrid taste of undistilled schmaltz from my mouth.

I’m Loathin’: Elizabeth Hasselbeck February 6, 2009

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I give you the devil (who may or may not wear Prada, I don’t know):

Elizabeth Hasselbeck in her true form.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck in her true form.

When Elizabeth and I first met, she affected me the way that she probably affected most women: I fell in lust.  I was in a whirlwind love affair with all the women on The View.  Wow, thought I, these ladies are funny!  And they’re smart!  Elizabeth’s really pretty!  (I was 12 when The View first started; it wasn’t like was going to have any major epiphanies.  Get off me.)

Even as I watched The View in high school, I still found myself drawn to Elizabeth.  She was nice to the guests and rather charming, and I enjoyed how she expressed her differing viewpoints with Meredith, Starr, Joy, and Barbara in a way that preserved everyone’s dignity.  I admired her backbone and poise.

Then Meredith left for the Morning Show, and Barbara brought on Rosie O’Donnell.  

This was problematic.

See, I loved Rosie long before I loved Elizabeth.  The Rosie O’Donnell Show used to come on television right after I got home from school.  I distinctly remember watching Rosie and then turning over to The Nanny before Mom would get home and make me start my homework.  It was almost as if Rosie was my dirty little secret; she and I spent an hour together every weekday afternoon with no one the wiser.  She was my special favorite. 

So thus, in one fell swoop, Elizabeth lost her position on top of my daytime television pedestal.  It’s almost as if she knew, because right after Rosie joined the show (and began give-aways, which is the only reason The View still has a live audience) she became a total and complete gremlin.  No longer was dialogue civilized; Elizabeth turned Hot Topics into a vicious personal attack every single day.  It didn’t matter what kind of interference Barbara Walters interfered, or what concessions My Darling Rosie tried to make.  Elizabeth just became more and more vicious.  

I began to dislike Elizabeth. 

She and I were on the outs.  Our strained relationship finally imploded when she and Rosie had a fight on air that lasted a full uncensored 5 minutes.  Rosie tried to talk reasonably with Elizabeth, and Elizabeth went bat crap insane.  Their feuding drove Rosie off the show.  This made me sad. 

I now hated Elizabeth.

You’d think that would set Elizabeth straight again, and she would go back to her charming, aw-shucks-you-guys ways.  You’d think she’d abandon her defensive ways, but no.  She’s just morphed into a less composed Ann Coulter, or a Rush Limbaugh with smaller breasts.  In other words, she’s nuttier than a fruitcake.  I have come to loathe Elizabeth Hasselbeck so completely, so thoroughly, that I became nauseous while defacing her picture and threw up a little bit in my mouth.  

There are many reasons I hate Elizabeth.  First off, she’s completely and totally unwilling to compromise.  She refuses to acknowledge anyone else’s opposing viewpoints; she automatically supposes that her extreme right-ism is the only answer.  She is physically incapable of saying, “okay, I can see where you are coming from, but I think XYZ.”  It’s like any sort of mediation would melt her tongue straight off.  Instead, she doggedly stands by any conservative stance, even if it is completely ridiculous, and conversely, she attacks any liberal stance, even if it has merit.  It’s almost like she’s retarded.

To boot, she cannot hold a constructive debate.  She’s like kid in your elementary school class who told you that you were wrong, and when you asked why, it was because you were stupid.  When someone counters one of her points, she just beats a dead horse.  She will RETURN TO THE REBUTTED POINT AND SAY THE SAME THING OVER AGAIN.  It’s like listening to a broken record–that is, if the record had a high, screechy voice and might actually fly over a table at you during commercial break.

I could, possibly, forgive all of that.  Maybe.  But here’s the thing that sends me over the edge:  all she does is yell.  YELL.  CONSTANTLY.  I’M ELIZABETH AND EVERY TIME YOU DISAGREE WITH ME I’M GOING TO SPEAK AT YOU IN ALL CAPS.  Not only does she make stupid arguments (not stupid debate), she has to SCREAM them at you.  She’s three episodes away from putting her hands over her ears and yelling I CAN’T HEAR YOU over and over in Joy’s face.  

The thing is, I can respect her (begrudgingly) for wanting to stand up for what she believes in, but the way she does it gives conservatism a bad rap.  I’m moderate with conservative leanings, so I can gel with some of what she says on air.  It’s the way she does it, though, that’s so irritating.  I’m sure that moderate conservatives everywhere must wish she would shut her pie hole; every time Elizabeth brings up a subject for debate, she slaughters it so thoroughly that it becomes unrecognizable.  It’s a problem, especially because the press she generates for conservatives is wholly negative.  I’m waiting for her to get her own show on FOX NEWS, where this sort of behavior is tolerated AND propagated.  

And the worst part?  She. Keeps. Reproducing.

Righteous Indignation January 30, 2009

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So, as I’m sure everyone is aware, my part of the country was hit with a massive ice storm this week.  We’ve got it better than most right now–at least we have electricity–but John now has a vicious 24-hour stomach virus that’s making him wish he was dead.  Neither one of us slept a wink, and once he finally nodded off I headed to Walmart to buy out their cleaning products aisle.

I’m sure anyone who watches me shop seriously considers purchasing a shotgun in the Outdoor section and putting me out of my misery right then and there.  John and I don’t make a whole lot of money.  We’re blessed in that we make more than some, but we’re able to live comfortably because of our spending habits.  Each item I pick up I make sure we really need, and my trips take hours because I not only compare prices, but I compare quality as well.  Anyway, we’re able to save a lot of money by cutting out “unnecessary” foods, i.e. snacks that provide no nutritional value whatsoever.  Sure, they taste good, and we’d love to have them…but for us, they’re a luxury.  Again, not trying to seem like we’re the Mr. and Mrs. version of Oliver Twist, but we have to make sacrifices in order to remain financially secure, and some of those involve groceries. 

Anyway, I pull into the check out lane, and begin to patiently wait my turn.  This trip I’ve passed over a few things I know we could use at the house, electing to stretch what we have until the next paycheck.  After all, medicine and household products are expensive!  As I begin unloading my cart, I have to push the items of the patron in front of me a little further up the conveyor belt to make room for my Pine-Sol and bleach.  I can’t help but overhearing a conversation between the lady in front of me and the Walmart associate, so I look up.  

Associate:  Ma’am, I can’t accept this voucher. (He hands the woman back her “food stamp,” pointing to a specific area.)  See, this one expired a week ago.  

The woman shoves the paper back into her (nice) purse.  At this point I realize that she’s about 7 months pregnant, and I can’t help but look for a wedding ring.  I don’t see one–and whether it be my religious leanings or personal value system–I feel sorry for her.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to be pregnant without someone chained to your side, obligated by vow and federal government tax information to at least sort of help you raise a kid.  I know, I know, sometimes it’s best to have the dad out of the picture, like if he’s abusive, an alcoholic, etc.  I can’t help it…my initial reaction is always pity.

It’s then that I notice that her handbag is more than just nice–it’s designer.  She’s wearing what look to be brand new Nike shoes, complete with a pink swoosh.  She’s wearing stylish glasses, and the highlights in her hair seem to be professionally done.  I begin to look at her groceries; perhaps, I reason, her clothes are a windfall trip to Goodwill, or a donation from a kind stranger.  

Despite her government provided WIC food stamps, she’s buying all sorts of pricey items.  She has special protein shakes, at least 4 boxes of ding dongs and Hostess cakes, bags of potato chips, Air Wick refills, and organic products.  There isn’t much in her stack that isn’t name brand.  I stare at her again; she’s noticed by now, and does her best to avoid eye contact.  I’m sure she thinks I’m crazy, maybe I am, but righteous indignation begins to boil up inside of me. 

Look, there’s no way for me to know this lady’s situation.  I get that.  She could have been laid off because of the economy.  Maybe she has kids at home and is recently divorced.  Who knows?  It just makes me mad to see such flagrant spending when it’s obvious she doesn’t–or at least, shouldn’t–have the means.  I’m not against government assistance.  I know that there are people out there that need it, and the welfare system has its place in society.  I just hate that it can be exploited.  I’m not accusing this woman one way or the other, but it’s beyond arguable that there are people exploiting the system.  They keep families who really do need the help from getting enough assistance.  

I don’t think anyone would argue that the welfare system needs to be reformed.  At least make fiscal education classes and family planning seminars mandatory.  Help those who are stuck in poverty to learn how to work their way out of it instead of handing them band-aids to stick over the festering wound.  It might make it look better and it’s a temporary solution, but eventually the leg’s going to rot off.  

I’m probably just upset about this because I’ve only had 4 hours of sleep.  Maybe I’ll look back at this post tomorrow and be embarrassed by what an ass I’ve been.  Maybe…but right now I’m just plain pissed.