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Some Observations About the World Cup (Part 1) June 21, 2010

Posted by A. Robinson in Life.
  • Uruguay has an epic national anthem that goes on FOREVER.  It also has, like, a 30 second intro.
  • Not to be crass, but I’m always surprised about how many white people live in South Africa.  I think it is a shame that Americans of my generation are more versed in WWII than they are Apartheid, the latter of which ended just before I was born.  Seriously, US education system.  Get your act together.  There’s no reason I should have first heard of this IN COLLEGE.
  • ¡Viva la raza!
  • I’m pretty sure the World Cup ball really *does* suck, and it’s not just France and Spain whining about it.  The players seem shocked by what it does, and I’ve never seen so many altitude shots on goal.  I mean, you get those a lot, but these are practically going into the stratosphere.
  • I want a vuvuzela so bad.  Someone get me one.
  • I’ve never seen so many Oscar worthy performances in my life.  Anything to get the yellow card.
  • I don’t know if England’s goalie is every going to get to go home after that dork of a save against the US that gave us a goal.  Seriously.  I hear the man is getting absolutely lampooned back in the homeland.  Whoops.
  • Univision coverage is so much better than ESPN3’s.  You don’t even have to speak Spanish to enjoy it more.  I mean, seriously, tune in if only for the GOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!
  • Brazilian soccer players are the worst about falling down and rolling around on the ground.  I have never in my life seen so much writhing around in pain and clutching at extremities, only to have the player hop up and start running five seconds later.
  • Sucks to be that Mali referee from the US vs. Slovenia match.  That was his World Cup debut, and I would bet a million bucks it was also his exit performance.


1. Aba - June 26, 2010

Ok, wow, it hadn’t really hit me just how little the general US population is taught about international history. I’ve been surrounded by people in college, and now, by college graduates, for a long time.

But isn’t the world cup so much fun? =D I enjoyed it more last time when I was in DC with my parents & their Ghanaian friends, but I’m still having a good time.

dorianagraye - June 26, 2010

Yeah, it’s like we think that we have SO MUCH HISTORY OF OUR OWN that we can’t possibly fit in any more. We might explode high schoolers’ itty bitty teen-eensy brains or something. Ridiculous.

However, I have to say I knew a whole heckuvalot more about Mexican history than I did about English history by the time I graduated. Take that, Eurocentrism. 🙂

2. Lindsey - July 19, 2010

Ha. We are ill learned, but I swear I learned about apartheid in high school or junior high. Of course it was easier to remember the brief mention we had of it b/c my dad had a good friend from South Africa. And yeah, he was white. 🙂

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