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Life List: 81-90 May 17, 2010

Posted by A. Robinson in Life, Life List.

I’m trying to get to 100 on my list, but it’s taking a while.  Only one more installment (and subsequent bonus rounds!) to go.

81.  Plan and host a large reunion with my closest friends
This needs to happen somewhere really, really awesome, like the mountains in Colorado.  I don’t know…I always imagine this happening in a cabin.  I would totally be open to a beach, especially if there’s someone to bring us refreshing drinks and cool towels.

82.  Watch AFI’s 100 Years, 100 Movies list
You know the one.

83.  Have a stand at a Farmer’s Market
I want to sell flowers and vegetables.  Hopefully I’ll do this when I’m old and adorable so that I’ll actually make MONEY.

84. Hula in Hawaii…
wearing a coconut bra if possible (and not culturally insensitive)

85.  Attend a writer’s conference

86.  Get involved in a home church
John and I are so involved in our collegiate ministry that we haven’t tied ourselves down to a home church.  I know this is really important, and I want to make sure we have strong roots in one before (if?) we have kids.

87.  Ride a waterski
This looks like a blast, especially because I wants to go FAST.

88.  Horseback ride in Ireland
When I was a kid, I used to get Horse Illustrated magazine every month.  They used to have ads all over the place about international horseback riding vacations, and I always wanted to do the Ireland one.   Riding ponies by castles?  I’m in.

89.  Learn to identify the native trees of Arkansas.

It frustrates me that I don’t know how to identify trees.  I’m pretty good with plants and flowers, but if it has bark I’m clueless.  Unless it’s a maple or an oak I’m at a loss, which is a real shame seeing that I’m fascinated by trees in general.

90.  Take an art class with John.
But not like, a drawing class.  The class needs to be in some medium that we’ve never worked in before, like paint, clay, ceramics, or glass.  If we do a clay class, maybe we’ll end up being all sexy like in that scene from Ghost, only John won’t be dead.



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