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Life List: 71-80 May 12, 2010

Posted by A. Robinson in Life, Life List.

71.  Visit Oxford and Cambridge
These universities have so much history (did you know that Byron kept a pet bear during his stay at Cambridge?).  I’d just like to walk their hallowed halls and hope all that knowledge can be absorbed through osmosis.

72.  Watch an Olympic event live, in person!
For real.  I’m sort of in love with the Olympics for whatever reason, and I can’t imagine any more intense sporting arena (except for maybe the World Cup).  I’d much rather go to the summer games, for obvious reasons.

73.  Watch the University of Arkansas compete for a National Championship in any sport (though football or basketball, preferably)
Maybe this will happen before I die.  Emphasis on maybe.

74.  Plan a vacation on Monday and go somewhere fabulous on Friday
John and I are not known for our abundance of spontaneity, so I think it would be nice to grab life by the balls, if you will, and just go somewhere incredible. Ideally, money should not be a concern here, because worrying about how you’re going to pay for stuff sucks the fun out of traveling.

75.  Learn to play bass guitar
Admit it, chick bass players are HAWT.

76.  Retire with a million dollars
Did I already write this one down?  I can’t remember, nor can I bothered to go back and look right now.

77.  Wear an expensive, gorgeous gown to the Addys
This, of course, hinges on John going to the Addys for his work.  He’s already won a bunch of regional awards, and his team has been covered in national trade magazines.  Guess that’s what happens when you work for the largest shopper marketing agency in the world/the third largest advertising agency in the world. (Yes, I’m bragging because, yes, I’m immensely proud).

78.  Participate in an election campaign
I don’t do enough voting and/or volunteering to suit my tastes.  Hopefully really, really working and advocating on behalf of a candidate that I truly believe in (one day, hah!) will restore my faith in the government.

79.  Buy nothing but organic/eco-friendly for a month
This will be expensive, I know.  But I think I need to figure out how much LESS cost effective this is than what we normally shop for in order to figure out how organic/free range/eco-friendly products and produce can better fit into our lives.  I know it’s better for you and I truly do encourage sustainable farming practices, so this will be a step in the right direction.

80.  Institute five “green” changes in my life
This dovetails with number 79, of course.  These don’t have to be huge changes, but they need to be changes that I know I can make permanently to my lifestyle.  In other words, this is going to be less “sell my car and get a bike” and more “change all my lightbulbs to LED bulbs.”



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