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Life List: 61-70 March 30, 2010

Posted by A. Robinson in Life List.

61.  Throw a dinner party.
I’m talking the works here.  Multiple courses, intelligent conversation, neat-o table settings, the whole nine yards.  You know, a real grown-up party.

62.  See the sun rise or set over the Grand Canyon
I don’t know if it’s because I’m neck deep in my thesis or what, but I’ve suddenly been struck by the compulsion to see the Grand Canyon.  I can’t see myself hiking to the bottom or anything like that, but I’d certainly like to see its grandeur as its painted by the colors of the sunset/sunrise.

63.  See Courtney perform in a college play.
I will make all of my students go see her performance for extra credit.

64.  See a Broadway play while it’s actually on Broadway
Oh man, I can’t even imagine what it would be like to go watch a play in its original form.  I see off-Broadway, local, and touring productions all the time, but I think there’s something special about visiting big, ostentatious theatre at its source.  I would have to go see a musical, I’m sure.

65.  Own ten signed books
I’ll admit it: I’m a celebrity whore.  When I meet one, I pretty much babble incoherently then swoon (really, you should have seen me around Apolo Anton Ohno.  I was an idiot).  So far I have a few signed books (Frank Warren, Edward Albee, Luis Alberto Urrea), but I’d like to improve my collection.

66.  Read all of Entertainment Weekly’s new classics

67.  Pick a pumpkin from a pumpkin patch
This sounds like so much fun!  I’ve always loved “harvesting” stuff, which means I’ve pretty much been free labor during every growing season OF MY LIFE, so picking my own pumpkin is right up my alley.  Also, then I can choose the most perfect and adorable one for my Halloween jack-o-lantern.

68.  Enter a craft/food/textile in the County Fair
I love fairs (right Lindsey?).  I like looking at all the neat stuff people enter, and I desperately love winning blue ribbons.  Well, scratch that.  I love winning.

69.  Learn how to make tempura shrimp
These look complicated, which is a shame because they’re so delicious.  John and I first had them on our honeymoon, so it would be nice to be able to make that special meal over again in my own kitchen.  Too bad I won’t be eating them whilst gazing out over the ocean.  Le Sigh.

70.  Go parasailing
This looks like so much fun.  I’m never going to hurl by body out of an airplane, so this is the closest I’m ever going to (willingly) get to a parachute.  Too bad I’ll have to do it by myself since John’s afraid of heights.  Volunteers?



1. Lindsey - April 5, 2010

Is dinner party not a repeat? Though I want to be invited. 🙂 I need a long Arkansas trip to hang. Miss you guys.

I would parasail with you. If you’re ever bored, they have pumpkin patches out here complete with corn mazes during the fall. You could even pick a blue pumpkin.

Oh, the fair!!! I miss fairs.

Your thing about signed books made me realize I think I have two, David Sedaris and Bill Clinton, which makes me sad, because I used to have a signed book by that guy who wrote “A Dog Named Kitty.” This is why fathers shouldn’t donate your books without asking.

I miss miss miss you. We need to talk soon.

Also, tell John he’s a wuss for me. Big baby about heights. Pfft.

dorianagraye - April 6, 2010

I thought the dinner party thing was a duplicate too, but the other one was about having three trademark meals I can whip up at any time. This is an actual *shindig*.

You are ALWAYS invited, silly.

I think we should parasail, either in California, Florida, Hawaii, or Mexico. You choose. Also, they have BLUE PUMPKINS? OH MY GOD, I must have one.

I can’t wait for fair season again. Actually, I just can’t wait for it to be anything-other-than-winter season again.

Didn’t David Sedaris sign your book, “To Bunny?” I’m sorry your dad threw away an AWESOME FANTASTIC signed book. Do you think I could look around and find it for you? Where did he donate it?

I already told John he was a wuss. Twice. 🙂 I miss you too. Let me know when you’re free.

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