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Quick Update November 24, 2009

Posted by A. Robinson in Life.

So, El Paso was okay. It was pretty much what I expected–get ditched by my Dad, hang out with my sister and grandparents, then come home in 48 hours. Not surprising, really.

The biggest shock was that my father’s fiancee actually seems to be–dare I say it–nice. Who knew? She was very honest and down-to-earth, even when I asked her some awfully tricky questions. She made an effort to get to know both me and John, and she wasn’t shy about discussing her own history or her children. I liked that. I like her, really. Let’s hope that Dad hasn’t lied to her so much that they’re marriage is doomed before it gets started (even though I suspect it is, but probably by no fault of this woman’s).

Also, as always, there was mass drama surrounding the trip. Apparently none of my family knew I was coming in town, so we were like a big giant traveling surprise. There was a casualty–John broke a lens, the only one he brought on the trip. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, but we’d told my Dad that we’d shoot his engagement pictures over the weekend. Of course the lens broke an hour and a half before we needed to meet him, so we flew to Best Buy to get a replacement lens.

The original lens was in the neighborhood of $200, so John figured we could just get the same model and be done with it. I was fine with that, figuring that $200 probably would be about the cost of the lens repair anyway.

When we got to Best Buy–which was crowded and AWFUL–we found that there was only one lens available for the camera, and it was a whopping $600. I looked over at the new Rebel XTi, and we could get the whole package (lens, body, battery, and all) for $750. I almost choked. This close to the holidays, we don’t have that kind of money to drop. John looked really nervous, so we devised a plan: buy the lens, use the lens, return the lens.

As luck would have it, the ONLY lens available was the floor model. We bought that one after being assured that there was still a 14 day return policy on it. We ran out, shot a few pictures, then took it straight back to Best Buy where it belonged. No one was the wiser, and everybody was happy!

Well, except for me. Now John wants that lens for his Rebel. The clarity, he says. The sharpness! I figure it’s the same theory behind test driving cars for fun: don’t do it because you’ll certainly want a new vehicle once you’re done.



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