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The Reason I’m a Mac November 8, 2009

Posted by A. Robinson in Life, Lovin'.
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I couldn’t help but giggle when I saw this.  God, that dialogue box is so annoying.  I hope for all of your Windows users out there that Windows 7 really is as good as advertised–everyone deserves a functioning OS.

Also, John bought me a Magic Mouse last week.  I don’t know what I’ve done without it.  It’s revolutionized my life.  Okay, not really, but it’s pretty flippin’ sweet, no lie.  I sort of wish that the whole surface worked to move the pointer and/or that you could tap click (rather than depress the mouse and click), but hey!  I’ll take what I can get.  It was awfully sweet of John to put himself on a waiting list to buy me such a pretty present, don’t you think?

Finally, have you heard of MacHeist?  If not, you should.  For the next three days you can download some software for free, if you’re interested.  Some of it looks like free trial stuff, but I dunno.  Just thought everyone might like the opportunity to snag some neat-o freebies.


1. guillaumehj - November 8, 2009

Windows 7 is indeed a fairly sweet piece of work. Not perfect, but I’m quite happy with it. (Then again, I liked XP too. And of course, as the world knows, there was no OS between XP and 7).

2. Mr.E - November 12, 2009

I am an extreme non-fan of Apple and all that it stands for because of their focus on substance over style and insistence on keeping everything proprietary. I don’t want to pay twice as much for a Mac as I would an equivalent PC just because it has fewer wires, looks prettier, and because it seems like Apple spends more on advertising than Microsoft and all PC manufacturers combined. Nevermind poor gaming capatibility too, that’s the reason I’m not a Mac. 😛

But on that second note, I don’t like being forced to use iTunes to manage my iPod. I don’t like being forced into having AT&T as a service provider for my iPhone. Apple does have great customer support for their Macs… They have to, they don’t let anyone else near those things. If they were a drug company, they’d be the one that finds the cure to cancer but refuses to share it with anyone else. I find their devotedness to guarding their secrets frighteningly fervent.

I’m still hanging out on XP, no clue how 7 is. Eventually I’m gonna need to get a new computer though, this one is bordering on… three years? Yeah, I got my PC in the closing hours of XP, as manufacturers were starting to move toward Vista as the default installation. Good thing? 😛

dorianagraye - November 12, 2009

I really do hope Windows 7 is all it’s cracked up to be. People deserve a good OS.

I have to admit, I love Apple’s commitment to good design. I love the sleek styling and the attention to detail. In terms of computing power, I don’t think I’m really qualified to comment on that besides the fact that John does videography work and has never worked on anything less than a Mac Pro. For some reason Macs seem to do well with rendering or whatever.

So, are you talking about a hypothetical iPod and iPhone, or do you have those? If you own them, I have to ask: why not a Sansa and a Blackberry/Samsung/Palm Pre/etc.?

3. Mr.E - November 14, 2009

I own an iPod because my mother bought a used one for me recently. It’s a good product, it’s just too expensive (new) to comparable products. I didn’t like being forced to use iTunes to manage the music on it when I was perfectly happy using my pre-existing music management program. I don’t own an iPhone but my uncle does (he’s an Apple junkie) and he’s always complaining about how he wishes he could have Verizon as his service provider instead of AT&T. I was actually speaking hypothetically but I do have some experience personally with them.

As far as I know, Mac still does graphic/video design work pretty well, so yeah that’s a good practical reason to own one. I don’t know much about that stuff.

dorianagraye - November 19, 2009

Ah, I also dislike having to use AT&T for my iPhone service. Oh Alltel, how I miss you! However, someone would have to pry my iPhone out of my cold, dead hand to get me to switch phones before carriers.

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