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Oversharing on Facebook November 6, 2009

Posted by A. Robinson in Life.

Look, you know you are WAAAY too tied to Facebook when you update your status DURING LABOR.

A girl I went to college with recently had her daughter. How do I know? She updated her facebook status repeatedly with all of the gory details.

Sample: Crazy Pregnant Lady was induced at 6:00, epidural at 6:05, water broke at 8:05, contractions coming 1.5 minutes apart, and dilated to 3! Bring on Baby (insert name here)!!!!

This was backed up by pictures of a baby covered in amniotic fluid.

I don’t find the idea of pregnancy or children at all appealing, at least at this point in my life, and let me tell you: I’m fine with you talking about your new baby until you’re blue in the face, but a play-by-play during labor is just…freaky.



1. Lindsey - November 22, 2009

Eww. no one wants to see your placenta goo. NO ONE.

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