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Go Hogs October 3, 2009

Posted by A. Robinson in Life.

So, I don’t know what football game you were watching, but the Razorbacks definitely handed it to the Texas A&M Aggies last night. I feel like bragging mainly because I think we’ll now lose 3 back to back.

Oh, also? A girl I loathe went to A&M. This gives me some serious satisfaction.

This just reaffirms what I have espoused for years: the worst SEC team is still better than most other teams in the country.  The Southeastern Conference is just such a tough environment to play in.  The quality of football is reflected in the national standings, of course–3 of the top 5 teams in the nation are SEC schools, and 5 SEC teams continue to float around in the top 25.  That’s amazing.  John and I were discussing whether the Hogs should move to the Big 12 after our previous performances, but tonight’s game proves it.  The Razorbacks are in another building season, but we are certainly SEC quality.

Now, if only Oklahoma will lose to Miami, we can call this a five-star weekend.

EDIT:  Oklahoma DID lose.  It’s like Christmas, only BETTER.  I hate Bob Stoops.

EDIT AGAIN:  Holy moly, UTEP beat #12 Houston 58-41.  This was the best football weekend ever.



1. lindseybunny - October 5, 2009

I love you. And I wish I’d seen that game.

The South just loves it some football. Sure, Texas might have a more impressive high school football love, but that’s just size, isn’t it. Because I remember high school football in Arkansas. We take shit personally. There just aren’t as many of us.

Does John also hate Oklahoma?

2. guillaumehj - October 6, 2009

No, no, no. The name of the only team worth cheering for, ever, is spelled H*ab*s, not H*og*s!

(I kid, of course. I know what the Hogs are. It’s not like you could visit Fayetteville without figuring that part out!)

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