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On the Hunt for Alarm Clocks September 10, 2009

Posted by A. Robinson in Lovin'.
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Two posts in one day!  I thought I’d make up for my earlier rant with a peace offering of lovlies.

The other night as I snuggled into bed, I was struck by how hideous my alarm clock is.  I mean, really, it’s ugly out of necessity–I need the numbers to be big enough that I can see them easliy without my glasses, and multiple alarms are nice so that John and I can use the same machine.  But seriously.  It looks like a large, ugly, black box just chilling out on my nightstand.  Must something so functional also look like an 80s throwback?  Surely not. That’s when I found these:

NUMBER 1:  A String of Numbers

It's like Legos, only not.

It's like Legos, only not.

The only problem here is that I’d feel the need to stack these in a way that would make them uninterpretable.
NUMBER 2:  Water Clock
Sustainable AND cute.

Sustainable AND cute.

This sucker uses a little bit of salt and water as a battery.  You just refill it and keep going, and the environment is none the wiser.  ThinkGeek.com has a version of this that lets you keep a little flower in it.
NUMBER 3:  The Wave Clock


I particularly like this design.  Sleek facing, easy-to-read numbers, hard to knock off your desk.  Those pointy corners look like a heath hazard, though.  Some random flailing might equal a trip to the ER.
NUMBER 4:  Wood Clock
My personal favorite.

My personal favorite.

I love this.  I mean, I REALLY love this.  The LED light shine through an actual block of wood, and all of the buttons hang out on back.  How cool is that?



1. Lindsey - September 12, 2009

Shockingly, I like the water one. The wood one kind of freaks me out. I don’t know why.

The string one just seems like a bad call, like your hand would get tangled up in it trying to hit that DAMNED correct box.

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