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I’m Lovin’: BLIK August 20, 2009

Posted by A. Robinson in Lovin'.
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The owners of our townhouse won’t let us paint, which has been driving me up a wall (har har). Anyway, I’ve been looking for creative ways to cover walls in order to create interest. So far I’m leaning towards BLIK wall stickers.  I had originally fallen in love with the stickers you can find at Ferm Living, but they’re just so expensive.  Over $100 for a piece of sticky vinyl?  I’d rather chew thumbtacks.

Blik is much more reasonably priced (look at this 117 piece set for $30, for example) wall decor, and though it’s not quite as chic as Ferm’s options, they certainly complete.  The company promises that their stickers are easy to put up and just as easy to come down, which is a Godsend for renters like me.  I’m not sure how many of these I can actually see in my house, but almost all of them are really modern and aesthetic.

The one’s I’m really loving right now are the blocky, graphically-clean designs like these chandeliers–which I would love to see in my guest bedroom–and these organic weedy-looking things that would look awesome in the living room.  I also think this would be a neat way to decorate a stairwell with something OTHER than cheezy, awful family pictures.  Thank you, Blik, for giving renters some decorating options.



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