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I’m Loathin’: The Sound of Music May 2, 2009

Posted by A. Robinson in Loathin'.
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I watched The Sound of Music last night (because I was outvoted).  I now remember why I loathe and despise it.  Ugh.  Music’s livable, but the plot doesn’t cohere.  ICKY.

I must now go watch The Producers in order to wash the foul, acrid taste of undistilled schmaltz from my mouth.



1. lindseybunny - May 7, 2009

What does schmaltz taste like?

This is why you have an mp3 player. Just plug it in. I think rap or some sort of latin music would be great to listen to during that movie.

2. dorianagraye - May 8, 2009

Shmaltz tastes, I assume, like antifreeze. It smells sweet but it burns all the way down.

I know, I really should have put my headphones in. Instead I talked through the whole thing (softly, to John and my friend Meg). You know, I enacted passive-aggressive revenge.

3. Lindsey - May 10, 2009

mmm, antifreeze. i wouldn’t imagine it to be very sweet, though. 🙂

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