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Life List: 11-20 April 30, 2009

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11.  Make a bouquet of fresh flowers once a week for a whole year
I saw this somewhere on the internet once.  Some lady had brought a fresh bouquet of flowers once a week for a year.  I LOVE flowers, and I would love an excuse to bring home little bouquets from the farmer’s market every weekend.  I also want to use this as a learning experience in the art of floral arrangement.

12.  Finish editing our wedding pictures and print books for my loved ones
John and I have been working on this project off and on, but life reared its ugly head and made us its kept-boy and we’ve essentially abandoned it.  I want to give these books as a gift to our friends and family at some point in the next year.

13.  Continue to diligently give 10% of my income to charity
Right now, John and I have been able to donate 10% of our combined income to charity.  It’s been fantastic to know that a little piece of our good fortune is being used to help others who may not be so fortunate.  I never want to lose this ability (or desire) to help those in need.

14.  Publish an article in a nationally syndicated magazine
After my internship at Arkansas Business Publishing Group, I’ve been pondering submitting some articles to national magazines in a pathetic attempt at a freelance career.  This article doesn’t have to be deep or award-winning, it just has to end up in print somewhere between the table of contents and the advertiser’s index.

15.  Get a massage
You know, I’ve never had one of these.  The idea itself sounds scrumptious.  This doesn’t have to be a one-time thing, of course; this just seems so much more relaxing than mani-pedis (which I cannot stand).

16.  Throw a tomato at the stage of the Globe theatre
So, back in the day when Shakespeare was still performing at the Globe, they would allow commoners to come in and watch the shows.  These peasants–after paying their penny admission–would stand right next to the stage, cheering and jeering their hearts out.  If the performance was great, they would encourage the actors to give their speeches again.  If not, they would throw rotten fruit and vegetables onto the stage.

17. Get in the habit of giving truly thoughtful gifts
Here’s another one of those sort of vague list additions.  I want to try and really THINK about what I give to people rather than just rushing out to the store and picking up the first thing that comes to mind.  This is more of a habit-changing sort of thing.

18.  Horseback ride through 4 national parks
I think this would be the best way to see national parks, myself.  I’d like to spend part of the time hiking and the rest trotting along horse-only trails.  The parks in question?  Yellowstone, Point Reyes, Great Smoky Mountains, and Glacier.

19.  Learn photography
Photography is one of John’s passions, and it’s something that I want to share with him.  Also, this seems like a safer bet for me than his OTHER passion–skiing.  Icky!  Anyway, ideally I’d like to get John a better camera and start to learn on his Rebel.

20.  Visit all of the places that John and I have been separately together
I agonized over the grammar of the above statement for a good two minutes before I stopped caring.  One of the huge personal (and ridiculous, now that I look back on it) issues that I brought into our dating relationship involved travel.  I was afraid that, because John was so well-traveled, that he would find going places with me to be boring and uninteresting. He was non-plussed about the whole thing,  of course.  Regardless, it will be nice to finally see the places we talk about so often.


1. rachelwashere - May 11, 2009

You can travel to India with John and get your massage in Goa an hour hot oil massage and steam bath for $15.

Of course, the plane will cost you about $1800. Each….

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