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I’m Lovin’: TED April 23, 2009

Posted by A. Robinson in Lovin'.
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Internets, I am in love with TED.  I told John last night, and he took it suprisingly well.  Turns out, he would leave me for TED, too.  Actually, John technically has dibs–he did find TED first.

TED is a system of conferences (parented by a non-profit organization) that discusses technology, entertainment, and design (get it? GET IT?).  Their slogan is “ideas worth spreading,” and they certainly don’t disappoint.  The premise is this: every year, TED hosts conferences around the world that boast the leading thinkers of our time.  Their challenge?  Give the speech of their lives in 18 minutes or less.

The speakers come from all different backgrounds, and their presentations are always spectacular. TED’s website posts videos of their conference speakers–one a day, five days a week–which you can watch free of charge.  They also offer an iPhone application, in case you need a TED fix on the go.

What’s so amazing about TED is how inspirational and varied their talks are.  As a creative who is constantly in search of inspiration, TED has been an invaluable pool of motivation.  The speakers are both passionate and inspiring.  Additionally, each conference they award three TED Prizes.  Not only do these people have the opportunity to present their “One Wish to Change the World” at TED, they receive $100,000 to make that wish a reality.  How cool is that?

Watch a few videos: I’m sure you’ll be hooked.



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