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I’m Lovin’: J. Crew April 2, 2009

Posted by A. Robinson in Lovin'.
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So I was reading an article on abcnews.com earlier today, and I noticed that it mentioned that much of Michelle Obama’s wardrobe comes from J.Crew.  Now, I must admit, I’ve never set foot in a J.Crew.  The most I know about the store is that it offers affordable wedding dress alternatives–much like Target–but nothing more about its actual clothing line.  In an effort to learn more (and avoid work), I decided to browse through its website.

Ladies and gentlemen of the Internets, I am in LOVE.

J. Crew strikes me as Banana Republic’s casual little brother.  Their clothes are attractive but not restrictive, and their style screams “I’m so trendy that I can be both fashion-forward and comfortable.”   The website won’t let me download pictures.

[Edit:  WordPress won’t let me imbed links for some reason.  Darn you, WordPress!  Darn you to heck!]

[Edit Again: HAHA, I just CODED that crap in HTML all by myself! I think I just grew a chest hair, I feel so accomplished.]

For example, check out this outfit:  Shell Shirt Comfy chic!

Or this skirt: Pleated Button Skirt. I want to wear this with a pair of skimmers and a white tank top. You could also pair this with a blazer and dress it up.

But what I really love–I mean, would sell an ovary for–is this: Rose Dress Oh my God, if I had lots of money, this would be my Easter dress. And my theatre dress. And my wedding-attendee dress. FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE (or at least until winter)!

And then?  Then I would sell my other ovary for this: Blue Sophia Dress Again, the beauty is in the simplicity. Oh, and the wicked color options.

If you find something you like, J. Crew is now offering a 30% off your total purchase promo. Check out their sale page to redeem.



1. lindseybunny - April 3, 2009

Great job with the links. None of them work. 😛

So, pluck out that chest hair young lady, and give it to some bare-chested deserving thirteen year-old boy.

I do want to see these body-altering awesome clothes, though. Hee.

2. dorianagraye - April 3, 2009

I flxed it! I officially reclaim my chest hair. 🙂

3. Rachel - April 3, 2009

OMFG are those expensive.
You might need to part with BOTH ovaries.

4. lindseybunny - April 4, 2009

i loved the skirt and the blue dress. though it’s been a long time since i’ve seen you show much of the girls.

5. dorianagraye - April 5, 2009

Rachel: Thank God looking is free.

Lindsey: Awww, I *do* show my girls off. I have plenty of halter tops in my closet–I just have to dress appropriately for work. 😦

It’s the back of the pink dress I like so much. I love the asymmetry and the flower.

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